Palmistry Marriage Line and Children Lines - 1

Marriage Line - Marriage is indicated by the little horizontal line (or lines) that are located just below the base of the little finger. Several light lines in this area will indicate romances. The lines that are strong and clear in this area will indicate marriage. The closer the lines are to the base of the little finger, the later in life these marriages will be.
This kind of Marriage line indicates mutual love and happy married life. But if the Marriage line touches Heart line, it indicates death of spouse after marriage.

A line with a fork at the start, toward the back of the hand, indicates a long engagement.

If a branch from Marriage line touches the line of sun (fame line) then it indicates that the person will gain prosperity, happiness, glory and good luck through marriage, his/her marriage patner might be a famouse person.

Lines that meet the Marriage Line, but don't cross it, indicate children that will be born into the marriage., Number of lines denotes number of children. Clear & thick lines indicates male child and unclear & thin indicates female child.

If the Marriage line is same as shown in picture, it indicates that the person will remain celibate ( unmarried) throughout life or the chance of marriage will be very less.