Heart Line In Palmistry and Facts - 1

1. A long clear line of the Heart, in what may be termed a Venusian character, indicates an affectionate and devoted character. To be really good, it ought to rise at the Mount of Jupiter, and cross the hand to what is termed the " percussion " or " striking " part, and be clear, clean, and well-coloured. According to its length we may judge the strength of attachment, and the quality of attachment. Absence of the line means wickedness, bad faith, and, probably, an early death.

2. Disappointments in the affections are marked by bars across the line of the Heart; no branches mean a loveless life.

3. Good fortune is predicted or confirmed by a forking or parting of the line under Jupiter.

4.While commercial or pecuniary losses or deceit are shown by the fall of the line to the line of the Head, and shows the possessor is easily " taken in " in business.
5.A break in this line may mean weakness, and, consequently, a broken engagement, or a rupture with one we love. According to the place where the break occurs, the cause may be sought Under Saturn it is "fate;" nearer the Sun, folly; under Apollo, pride; under Mercury, avarice, combined with ignorance.

6.Sometimes we find jagged Lines or a " chain " on the course of the line of the Heart these denote inconstancy, flirtation, and intrigue in love and friendship.

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