Foreign Travel and Travel Lines In Palmistry

Foreign travel lines are present at three places on the palm as shown in the pictures above. If these lines are present on palm, it indicates that the person will spend his whole life in travelling abroad.
1. Certain lines on the mount of Moon also show such voyages or travels.
2. Horizontal lines or cross lines from the centre of the mount of Moon generally indicate travel or voyages. Such lines usually start from the percussion and run towards the interior of the palm.
3. Travel lines emerging from Life line indicates that the bearer will do job or business in foreign and will permanently settle there or spend most of his life in foreign.
Length and strength of the lines show the distance traveled and the importance of the trip.

When a travel line crosses the line of fate, it means that your life will be changed by the trip.

When a travel line intersects the life lines, a trip will be made for reasons of health or the will be affected by a journey.

Overlaps or breaks in travel line show delays. Lines criss-crossing the the travel lines show danger in travel or problems in travel.

(a) An island on this line of voyage shows danger from water.
(b) A star on this line shows a fatal accident during the voyage.

(c) A square is a sign of preservation and the person is protected from danger if any during the journey.
(d) A cross shows disappointment on journey