Transit of guru (Jupiter) in Mithuna (Gemini) and It's Effects on 12 Signs

Guru (Jupiter) has entered the zodiac of gemini/mithun rashi on 31st may 2013. The present chaos caused by saturn-rahu in libra will be well controlled to some extent by the aspect of Guru (Jupiter) after june 2013. And now Guru (Jupiter) aspects 3 signs: Thula rasi, Dhanur rasi and Kumbha rasi. This Guru (Jupiter) could bring innovations, new inventions in the field of communications and media. There could be huge growth in communication sector and things related to it. This Guru (Jupiter) will stabilize the negative effects of saturn and rahu in libra and bring some relief to the present scenario of chaos in the last quarter of 2013. Good time for those in field of media, Acting, Kpo’s, Bpo’s, Call-centre, telecommunications, etc.

                                               For Aries/Mesh
 Guru (Jupiter) will be moving to your 3rd house. It aspects 7th house, 9th house and 11th house.
                         With your hard work and perseverance you will see improvement. Your financial position may not be so strong and you need to save your income to repay your loans. You should control your mind and should not try out any short cuts during the period. Health related problems might be seen and there might be fluctuation in your career. There are even chances to have some break in your career. Sometimes you might be in a position to take bold decisions which might not favour you so much. You should not be a spendthrift or miser. A balanced level is required. You need to be careful with your neighbors and relatives. You should not trust anyone, even your family members and friends during the period.
  •  Personal: You should be careful in all your dealings during this period. Any minute error also will create a huge impact on your career and life. Through the support and advice of an intelligent and wise family member who might be younger to you, you will be able to achieve your goals. You should find ways to reduce your stress to keep you fit.
                                              For Taurus/Vrishaba

Guru (Jupiter) will move to your 2nd house from your rasi sign. It aspects 6th, 8th and 10th house.
The transit of Guru (Jupiter) will bring in many positive changes during the next one year. Good improvement is seen in all your undertakings. You will reap the benefit of your hard work during this year. Participating in spiritual and charitable activities will help you to achieve your goals.
  • Personal: Though chances of sudden growth are seen, you have to have a cautious approach. You should follow legal and ethical ways to see success. You should be polite and have cordial relationship with your siblings to see happiness and profits in your dealings. You should plan a spiritual journey with your family
                                               For Gemini/Mithuna

Guru (Jupiter) will transit to your janma rasi . It aspects 5th, 7th and 9th house. You have to be calm and cool in your approach and should go by your intuition rather than otherรข€™s advice. Your hard work will be directly proportional to your success. Do your duty and do not expect any results, as it will follow gradually. Your approach and maturity mind will bring improvement during this transit. You should be open to all creative and innovative ideas.
  • Personal: Though your health will remain good, you should have a proper diet control and avoid oily and fried foods. You should put in more efforts to see things going smoothly and relationship between spouses might see some fluctuations. Additional responsibility will be seen during the period and you should be prepared for that. You should unleash the true potential in you to tackle any issues in your life
                                                      For Cancer/Karka

The benefic Guru (Jupiter) will transit to your 12th house of moksha stana and expenses. It aspects 4th, 6th and 8th house. Though Guru (Jupiter) in 12th house will bring in more expenses, you will also pay off your old debts. Even though you would have seen some good benefits in the past, the real test would be the next ten months. Your success lies in investing your hard earned money in wise ways and to minimize your expenses.
Though you might get some lucrative offers to multiply your funds, you should be careful as where to invest and get good returns. If you are not so experienced enough to plan on your own, try to put it in fixed deposit or buy a piece of land to have a safe investment strategy.
  • Personal: Do not expect too much from your work place. Because this is the time for you to contribute more than to expect any returns. You should not give up your aggressive attitude and strong will nature as it is your asset. Long distance travelling related to work will be beneficial.