Palmistry Line of Head Significance - 2

7. The small lines rising upwards from the head line are good indications while the lines falling downwards are not considered good. The former indicate that the subject is doing his best to come up in life. The descending lines indicate that the subject gets easily discouraged from fighting the odds of life and feels that he is not lucky enough to achieve his aim.

8. If the ascending lines are large, they signify that the mind is influenced by too many factors, making the subject unable to concentrate. His thoughts wander here and there. In such a situation, if the head line stoops down to the mount of Moon, the subject is a day-dreamer.

9. If the line is short and curved upwards, then you tend to have a short attention span, also known as a scatterbrain. A long line that curves upward represents more of a retentive memory. However if the line swoops down towards the heel, the person tends to be imaginative and creative.

10. Double lines show strong mental abilities.

11. A donut (Island) or a cross through the Head Line represents a mental crisis.