Palmistry Head Line Facts - 3

12. A broken line shows a distinct change in your way of thinking, sometimes even characteristic of a nervous breakdown. Breaks in the head line indicate interruption of the current passing through it, affecting the concentration of the mind and self-control. These breaks results in mental illness and head injury, or if the breaks are like a ladder, the subject will suffer from continuously headaches and poor health.

13. A star on your line represents a significant mental achievement.
14. While straight head line shows the dominance of the practical faculty, the downwards deflection of the head line reflects a departure from practicality and an entry into the sphere of imagination.

15. If the head line is chained throughout, it is a bad indication. Such persons are mentally weak, timid, sensitive, and lack power of concentration. They cannot be depended upon although they may promise to keep their word. They break their promises as they are of a vacillating nature. Their memory is poor and they frequently suffer from headaches and mental diseases.Vocations requiring physical exertion are best suited to them.

16. If the head line is frequently cut by small lines, it indicates that the subject will have headaches. If the cross bars are deep and red, the more severe are the attacks. The more the number of cross bars, the longer the period of severe headaches.