Palmistry Fate Line Readings - 2

7. .If the Fate Line starts from Mount of Moon and there is horizontal line on the Mount of Moon, it indicates earnings in a foreign land. The person goes abroad and stays there for a considerable period earning a good amount of money.

8. A parallel line to the Fate Line indicates support received from colleagues and friends in the career. It also indicates that there will be some income from another source. Such people do two businesses or some additional part time job.
9. If your Fate Line starts on the base of your thumb, inside your life line's curve, it indicates a point where family or close friends are supportive of you.
10. The line may commence faintly and become more clear. This forebodes a better ending of life than beginning. In the contrary case the opposite result may be sought or feared.

11. If the fate line cut by horizontal lines it denotes failure and obstacles in life during that period. Because of these lines one can not achieve success in his/her endeavors