Line of Fate In Palmistry - 1

1. The line of fate is also known as the line of Saturn, because of where it ends. The line of fate gives us information about career,  work prospects and success in life . This line is situated in the middle of the palm, usually running up in a vertical line from the base of the palm just above the wrist towards the third finger.

When this line is strong and without any markings, it shows that the person will have minimum no of problems and a secure life.

2. suppose the line to rise from the wrist ; and, being of a good colour, clearly marked, rising steadily as far as the first joint, or center of the middle finger, it indicates unlimited good fortune.

3. If the Fate Line starts joined to the life line, it indicates that you are a self-made individual. This indicates a good heart, and fortune gained by meritorious labour in life. Often you will know very early in life just what your life's aspirations are.

4. When the Fate Line has a break and resuming its course parallel to the break, then the person will change the job or department where he is working. Business people will enter a different business. If a break occurs in your Fate Line at the Head Line and goes on, this indicates that you will successfully change your job in your middle years.

5. The branches from the Fate Line moving up represent some promotion or benefits in the job or business. The person’s income will increase at that age when the branch is shooting up.

6. When the line of Fate rises upon the mount of the Moon and proceeds directly towards the middle finger it is a good sign, and indicative of fortune likely to accrue from the caprice of some one.

More post are yet to come on Fate Line Part 2 and 3 and on various other lines ( Marriage, Heart, Fame...etc), keep visiting us.