Jupiter Transit In Gemini - 3

                                    For Sagittarius/Dhanu

 The benefice Guru (Jupiter) will transit to your auspicious 7th house. It aspects 11th house, 1st house and 3rd house. During this transit those who have not married, may land up in tying nuptial knot. A good year to prove your ability in your work. Your speculative mind will make some good deals and decisions. You will also gain from your partner. Minor problems among the couples are foreseen during the period. Business related to agriculture will flourish. Happiness in the family is foreseen. You might invest in real estate.
  • Personal: You will see happy events taking place in your family. Birth of a child and auspicious ceremonies might take place in your family. You will do lot of spiritual and charitable activities. You will see improvement in your personal life and career. Change of house will be seen during the period.

                                For Capricorn/Makara
The benefic Guru (Jupiter) will be moving to your inauspicious 6th house. It aspects 10th house, 12th house and 2nd house. There will be sudden slowdown in your work and your expenses will rise. Situation will pressurize you to take loans which you should be aware off. Separation in relationships, friends turning into foe are some of the unexpected incidents that might take place during the period. Surgeries and minor operations may be carried out during the period.
  • Personal: Though you will have tremendous energy and courage during the period, you should take calculated risk to see success in your undertaking. Your creative ideas will fetch you good return. Expansion of business or launching new venture is not ruled out. 

                               For Aquarius/Kumbha
The benefic Guru (Jupiter) will be moving to your auspicious 5th house. It aspects 9th house, 11th house and 01st house. With the grace of Almighty, you will see success in all your undertakings. Many will decide to get marry and will also succeed in their plans. Those who have married will be blessed with a child. Luck through speculation and trading are seen for those who have strong Guru (Jupiter). Good career growth will be a source of happiness.
  • Personal: You will overcome your hidden enemies during the period. Success in any litigation related problems is foreseen. You will receive rewards and appreciation for your work. Do not involve in any unwanted disputes as it will tarnish your image.

                                       For Piece/Meen
Guru (Jupiter) transit to your 4th house of Aries. It aspects 8th house, 10th house and 12th house. You will see lot of change during the period. Certain things may happen which may or may not be liked by you. You should be in a position to adapt to the change. Those who adapt well will succeed in the long run. You may contribute to charitable institutions during the period.
  • Personal: You will see a change in all your undertaking during the period. Generally this transit will be most important in your life as it will define your future. Though you might see good improvement, you should not get involve in unwanted issues with your relatives and friends.