Guru in Mithuna Rashi and its effects

            For Singh/Leo

The benefice Guru (Jupiter) will be moving to your 11th house of gains. It aspects 3rd, 5th and 7th house.
The previous year would have been such that you would have experimented a lot. Now it is the time for you to reap the benefits."Make hay while the Sun shines. Try all your efforts to see benefits in each and every possible way. It will be a Midas touch for you as everything you undertake will succeed during this period.

Your creative ideas and talents will be at the best. You can take some bold decisions and risks as everything will work out. But keep it in mind that you can be happy for the next eight months and then you need to pull up your socks

  • Personal: A positive change in your life is on the card. All problems in your family will get resolved and the relationship will become stronger and stable.

                For Virgo/Kanya
The benefic Guru (Jupiter) transit to your 10th house of karma and profession. It aspects 2nd, 4th and 6th house. When Guru (Jupiter) transit to 10th house of profession, it gives some instability and insecureness. But you should find your x factor which will come to your rescue. You should put in more efforts to see things turning your side. The key point will be team work and stabilizing your career. Try to be smart and share the responsibilities. Though you might see more ways to earn money, your monetary conditions will be fluctuating. You might see some fluctuation in your career during the period.

  • Personal: Though there might be lot of family issues, everything will try to come down in the coming months. It is better to speak less and avoid unwanted speech and entering in to any dispute with any relatives or friends. You will emerge as the victorious from the toughest situation in your life.

          For Libra/Tula

The benefic planet Guru (Jupiter) will be moving to your fortunate 9th house. It aspects 01st, 3rd and 5th house. You will have the blessings of divine power and that of your ancestors during this period. You can achieve things in a calm and cool way. You need not stretch yourself too much to achieve things during this transit. Your financial status will improve over the period. Income from various sources is seen.
  • Personal: You should be careful on your personal front. Do not involve in any disputes and avoid people who have different wavelength. Though you might see some fluctuation, destiny will reward you in the end. You have to be spiritually inclined for the next one year to see better results. 

         For Scorpio/Vrishchik

The lord of the 3rd and 6th house Guru (Jupiter), transit to your 8th house. It aspects 12th, 2nd and 4th house. Some people may try to tarnish your image which might bring down your confidence level. You need to be careful with them. Smart work is required than hard work during the period. If you are working, be polite with your co workers and do not show your temperament in office. Business guys should hold back their investments.
  • Personal: Personal front you will see both advantage and disadvantage during the period. During the start of the transit, you might see some misunderstanding but over a period of time everything will be alright. An increase in income and child birth in the family is seen. This transit will change you a lot.