Singh Rashifal - Leo Moon Sign

Singh Rashifal - Leo Moon Sign
                               Singh Or Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Ascendant or Simha Lagna is ruled by Sun. Hence they are always brave and having strong mindset with large vision in life.

Some may say they are a bit unfriendly but once you are a friend they are dedicated and loyal. They like fast driving and fast moving vehicles. They achieve rise in destiny very late sometimes above 30 yrs of age.

They will be fond of the enjoyment, calm, magnanimous, persevering, loyal to father and Guru, good  organizer, well-dressed, given to music art and sports, popular and respected. Some of the natural feminine qualities bother you because of how opposite they are to your mental nature.
They may not eat well,have stomach disorders, tooth decay, eat meat, harsh, like to copulate in the forests and hills, yet be charitable, respectful to mother, valorous, dutiful and looking majestic.

Fortunate days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and the jewel is ruby in gold. Red is their fortunate color. Moon in Leo brings idealism in love, and they will desire affection  from all directions.