Shani Rahu In Tula Rashi (Transit Libra) and Its Effects on Other Signs

Rahu is in Libra (Tula) till june 2014, Tula is a business sign ruled by the venus and exaltation sign (uchcha) of Saturn , Where he is already moving for two and half years since past nov-11.
Venus (Lord of Tula Rashi) is always considered enemy of rahu, Rahu –venus, venus-rahu dasha and combinations in horoscope never gives good results to the native, So logically we cant expect similar results of Saturn from the rahu.

This combination (Saturn-Rahu) is called Shrapit yoga. This Shrap yoga in Tula will surely affect business and economy first, heavy ups and downs in economic situation can be experienced and after effects will be there, family peace will be disturbed, cases of family disputed , cases of economic disputes will be increased. Cases of frauds , cheating accidents will be increased, People with Shani-Rahu placements in their horoscopes should be very careful for being cheated, They should not take any risk in speculations or should not take high risk in business.

Shani rules the Mass, Society, People, Politics, Government, Oil, Leather, Construction, Labour Class, Workers, Employees, Servants, Mass Media etc. So a Rahu with such Shani will create defects in all the above areas for sure. Whoever runs the Public Departments or ruling on Mass or Society, will be forcibly, conditionally or emotionally have to resign, quit, retire from the Public domain as Rahu is spoiling the Shani who rules over the People and Society as a whole!

Rahu is planet of threats, he has tendency of giving shocks and threats , he gives sudden ups and downs, being with the Saturn his malefic nature will be doubled, We have already noticed that BJP President Nitin Gadkari with public pressure had to quit from his position. Pope Benedict quits Vatican due to his own set of reasons, Bangladesh Saw major public Out Cry on the Death Penalty of their leader against the ruling Government and about a Hundred people killed in the riots, Former Maldives President Nasheed took Refuge in Indian Embassy to save his Life from Mass Revolt against him and many more such things will keep happening!

Shani Rahu Yuti in Libra and It Rashi Wise Effects -

This combination would be very good for Dhanu (Sagittarious Moon Sign), vrishabh ( Taurus Moon Sign) and simha rashi (Leo Moon Sign) people as this would be 11th, 6th and 3rd respectively from these rashis. Placement of melafics in these places from the sign is considered so good, because in 11th they increase gains, in 6th they kill the enemies and diseases and in 3rd they increase the capacity to fight (actions , parakram).

Mesh rashi (Aries Moon Sign) natives have to be very carefully in partner ship issues, health issues of their spouse should also be taken seriously.

Mithun Rashi (Gemini Moon Sign)natives should faces issues in their job front, power and position may loose, people connected with the social political and government sector should be very alert.

Karka rashi (Cancer Moon Sign) people have to suffer because this will be 4th from their sign and going to disturb mental peace and family peace. Highly advised for them to not involve in any kind of family battle. Property and legal matter should also be handled carefully.

Kanya rashi (Virgo Moon Sign)natives may be tensed due to over expenditure , loss of money and some family tensions. Business tensions will be in creased.

Same Tula rashi (Libra Moon Sign) people also very careful towards their health issues because this combination is moving over their sign. Tula rashi people already passing the major period of their sade sati and entry of rahu along with the Saturn is surely going to double the tensions.

Vrishchik rashi (Scorpio Moon Sign) may suffer due to loss of money, legal matters, medical expanses and marital disputes may also arise , if marriage area is weak in their horoscope.

This combination will be 10th from the Maker Rashi (Capricorn Moon Sign)so they should have some issues related to professional front, if 10th house related combinations are weaker then jobs will be insecure.

Kumbh rashi (Aquarius Moon Sign) is main rashi after the kark which will be heavily affected as this combination is 9th from the this rashi, health of father, relationships with father, foreign land related matters and financial growth will be suffered. Mental tensions and peace will be disturbed.

Meena rashi (Pisces Moon Sign)has to be careful about their health ,threat of accident will disturb. Financial implication wont be there but some tensions at work place can cause mental tensions. People should seriously watch the changes and situations after rahus entry with Saturn in libra and in cases of negetives effects proper astrological consultation should be taken. Recitation of mahamrityunjay mantra and shiva abhishek is best remedy for protection.