Mesh Rashifal - Aries Moon Sign

Mesh Rashifal - Aries Moon Sign
                                 Mesh Or Aries Zodiac Sign
Mars is the lord of Aries. Persons born under Mesh Rashi(Aries moon sign) are given names from Chu, Loo, Cho and Chey. You are quick tempered and are often impatience. Once they have made up your mind no one can convince you otherwise.  They are adventurous and are drawn to passionate activities.

They will be active, dynamic, aggressive and desire control. Their Moon sign indicates that they can be bold, generous, wealthy, grateful, positive, self-reliant, have good imagination, changeable, restless, impulsive,
They may be the director of a company. They may have a fear of water and experience trouble with the opposite sex. They may have multiple intimate friends. They shape their own destiny by dint of struggle and hard work.

Their authoritative natures can cause friction if they ignore the opinions and needs of their partners. The typical Arian needs to learn to cooperate more and to lead less. Generally the native has good immunity and resistance to diseases particularly to infectious diseases. But the body is prone to injuries and danger of accidents. Must avoid excess meat.

They will have agolden colored body and endowed with lasting wealth, less brothers and sisters, valorous, self-respected, auspicious, prosperous, libidinous, weak legs, little hair, fickle minded, will strive for honor as their wealth, may have sons rather than daughters, be friendly, afraid of water generally, wounded on the head, and won over by the female energy.

Their fortunate number is nine and the days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Red is their color and their precious stone is coral.