Meen Rashi - Pisces Moon Sign

Meen Rashi - Pisces Moon Sign
                             Meen Or Pisces Zodiac Sign

Meen rashi (Pisces Moon Sign) is the last in the lineup. The governing planet is Guru and its constituent is water. They are afraid of sins.

They commonly become popular because of their easygoing nature. They tend to be more emotional rather than rational. Meena women are altruistic and cannot bear to see injustice being done.

The men of meena rashi are not overprotective. Pisceans sometimes avoid confrontation, tolerating difficult situations rather than voicing their frustration or disappointment. Music, dance, acting and painting usually appeal to Pisceans, and they are better suited to these things than to routine work.

They are devoted to those they love and are usually prepared to sacrifice a great deal to ensure their partners’ happiness. cean nature is symbolised by the fact that the fish are swimming in different directions.

These people can be compassionate and patient when others disappoint them, or they can become cold and ruthless.The Moon in this placement may cause you to be wavering, changeable, lacking in concentration and stability, and although you remain positive about others, you are easily disturbed. They are drawn to things which are not concrete, such as spirituality and philosophy.

Reserved and retiring, eloquent, gifted, short-tempered, miser, learned, social, many disappointments, voracious reader, author, inconsistent in your love affairs.

Expert in fine arts, capable of winning over even your adversaries, learned in scriptures, beautiful, musical, religious, many friends, a polite speaker, serves the leader, happy and wealthy, virtuous, likes water, liberal.

Their fortunate colors are white and yellow and they have three as their fortunate number. Thursday is their day and their jewel is yellow sapphire in gold