Makar Rashi - Capricorn Moon Sign

Makar Rashi - Scorpio Moon Sign

                      Makar Or Capricorn Zodiac Sign
Makara rashi has as its governing planet, Shani. Earth is its constituent. They are introverts and are reserved in nature. Their will power is strong. Capricorn children are often good with money from an early age. Saving comes naturally to Capricorns
They are careful in their choice of friends, being essentially reserved and traditional in their thinking.
Being practical, they have little time for fate, preferring to create their fate through effort and perseverance.
Capricorns tend to start life as old people and grow younger in their later years. They can even become a little eccentric in their seventies and eighties.

Attractive, jealous, gains and success through others, grants wealth and attendants. You are honest and generous, blessed with children, a scholar. Calculating in money matters. A good singer, susceptible to ill effects from cold, or cold things, fond of truth and charity, distinguished, famous, some time they can be unkind, they are bold and open, may reach for things out of reach, or try to take that which is not rightfully yours, poetic, low enthusiasm.

This sign rules over bones, joints, teeth and knees. Common disease includes pain in knees, weakness of knee muscles, arthritis, dental problems, poor growth and skin problems.

Fortunate colors are black and blue and their jewels are diamond and blue sapphire. Fortunate numbers are eight and six and the days are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday..