Kumbha Rashi - Aquarius Moon Sign

Kumbha Rashi - Aquarius Moon Sign
                         Kumbha Or Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Kumba Rashi (Aquarius Moon Sign) is the 11th rashi and is governed by the planet Shani. This Rashi’s constituent is air.They are emotional and cannot see the adversities of others.

The men of this Rashi are hardworking and very structured. They are attached to their spouses and are called gentlemen. They are kind to the masses, accepting of low class ways, very grateful because they feel you don't deserve much, very independent and accepting of hard work, interested in factual science and astrology, often found to be addicted to habits such as smoking or drugs.

Aquarian are intutive people and often leaps to the correct conclusion without knowing how they did so.  Although gentle by nature, Aquarians can become fierce when there is a change to be made or when their freedom is at stake. In relationships, Aquarians prefer a good deal of freedom and allow their partners the same. Aquarians are not usually given to physical displays of affection, especially in public.

It is a beautiful combination for artistic expression with lots of feeling. It is good for being a worker for the upliftment of the downtrodden of the world. It is a very moody and depressive sign, often leading to mental depression, but with a twist of philosophy and religion involved. It can lead to very strong religious experiences and eventually a very strict mental

This Rashi’s fortunate colors are black and blue. Fortunate days for them are Friday and Saturday and their jewel is blue sapphire in silver.