Kark Rashifal - Cancer Moon Sign

Kark Rashifal - Cancer Moon Sign
                              Kark Or Cancer Zodiac Sign

Endurance is one of their character traits. They love fine arts like drama, music, acting etc. They are showy people. Natural hoarders, Cancerians collect mementos of every event or phase in their lives. Once in a while they will gather together their photographs, books, records and CDs and wallow in nostalgia.

Cancerians are often highly intuitive, particularly through their dreams at night. Fond of family life and domestic harmony.

‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ aptly describes the Cancerian approach to relationships. Decisions prove very difficult to make for the negative Cancerian type, as their sense of loss can be overwhelming Karkata Rashi (Cancer Moon Sign) males are good spouses and fathers. They sometimes feel the need to be overprotective where their wives are concerned.

They are committed to their families and make excellent hosts. They are industrious but sensitive to surroundings, affluent, brave, short but set, devoted to preceptor and mother, fond of traveling, life full of struggles and obstacles, sociable, strong feelings and emotions
terminating into poetry or music, deals in liquids, chemicals and staying near water.

They may be Short-tempered.May suffer from headaches. Fortunate, valorous, endowed with nice residences, friends, journeys, astrological knowledge, sensuous, grateful, an advisor, truthful, living abroad, passionate, hairy body, fond of water and flowers, interested in construction of houses,  and other necessities of nice living.

Their fortunate number is seven and their colors are white and pink. Their precious stone is pearl in silver and Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are fortunate days.