Kanya Rashi - Virgo Moon Sign

Kanya Rashifal - Virgo Moon Sign

                           Kanya Or Virgo Zodiac Sign
Their governing planet is Mercury (Budh) with the virgin emblem and the earth constituent. The persons with the influence have lively smiling faces, and carefree gait. They do not reveal their secrets. Travel is their favourite passion. Very cool tempered and like to speculate (share, satta, lottery etc).

Charitable and religious, given to science in general and studies of deep truths, intuitive, quiet, fertile imagination, loves change, voyaging and any new idea, may be able to understand the philosophy of life, popular, good married life and many daughters.

Indigestion. Attached to the opposite sex, attractive, learned, possibly a teacher of religion or some stricture, an eloquent speaker, truthful, pure, valorous, kind to living beings, interested in others affairs (possibly a gossip), forgiving, fortunate.

Their fortunate color is green and it is no surprise that their precious stone is emerald. Two, five, six and seven are the fortunate numbers and the days are Wednesday and Friday. Wednesday and Friday.