Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarious Moon Sign

Dhanu Rashi - Sagittarious Moon Sign
                             Dhanu Or Sagittarious Zodiac Sign

They lose their hair of their head early. They have great potentials, happy and lucky attitude towards life.
 People born in this sign have a god fearing and law abiding nature.

This Moon placement gives a desire to excel through the intellect and the use of knowledge.  Moon in  Sagittarius: Indicates valor, wisdom, good nature, affluence; charming partner, respected, noble, sweet, dangerous to own family, cheerful.

Both mental and physical restlessness, investigating temperament, a great reformer. The women of the Dhanu are friendly, loving and spiritual.  Small bodied, a good speaker, likes to live near water, knowledge of arts, occult matters, good at investigating, courageous, very strong, attached to relatives, grateful and distinguished. This person likes more freedom in life.

Mostly Sagittarius are little angry person. They should learn to keep their temper in control.
Yellow is their fortunate color along with the number 8. Their fortunate days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and their suggested precious jewel is the lovely yellow sapphire.