Chinese Feng Shui Home Decor Tips - 3

20. Try not to allow children to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Yes, this allows young children not to fall off beds but it also causes young children to fall sick frequently. The reason is: chi is not able to flow underneath the bed. Ideally, chi should circulate around the mattress where our children sleep to allow them to be healthy.

21. For young children, try to have their back to the wall when they write. It is important there should be a solid wall behind a children’s writing table. This allows the child to have support so that he can sit there and study longer rather than for only half an hour and then they tend to move about because there is no solid wall behind their back. Adjust your writing table.

22.  Do not allow children to sleep on double bunk beds even if it means saving space. The child sleeping underneath will not have “fresh chi” and so his health might be weak. But if due to space constraints, then monitor your child’s health if not add in a metal 6 rods wind chime or a crystal sphere, to break up the “stale chi” around his bed.

23. Place an indoor water fountain in your home, position in a favourable area to attract whatever you want in your life.

A Chinese Feng Shui garden with fountain for positive energy

24. Gardens create a pleasant view. They should contain balance and have a natural look. Flowering plants will bring good luck.

25. If you already have a fish tank in your house, be careful. A fish tank placed correctly can bring about greater fortune, as you will tap on the “Divine Water Dragon’s Den”. But if you tap wrongly, it can cause you to have lawsuits, bankruptcy, work pressure, troubles and problems. If you noticed any of these after placing the fish tank for approximately four months, shift your fish tank to another location.

 26. Clutter, sharp angles, nooks and crannies, and storage areas can slow down energy, causing it to stagnate and become unhealthful. Try to keep your home systematically clean and free of sharp edges.

27. Don't arrange furniture with the backs to door­s or windows.

 27. Energy should not disappear so quickly it has no time to do any good, so if your front door has an 28. unimpeded view to the back door, consider blocking it with screens.

 29. Busy streets, train tracks, and airplane flight paths all generate energy that may move too fast to enter your home. A wall, trees, shrubbery, and hanging plants are often used to slow down or to screen out fast-moving or negative energy. A weather-vane or water, such as a fountain in the front of the house, might also help.

 30. Intersections create lots of qi. If your front door is not well situated, it could become bombarded with energy, making relaxation impossible. A mirror on the front of the house can deflect energy.

31. Simplicity, order, proportion and balance are valued, as are natural colors and textures: ceilings light like the sky, walls mid-toned like the grass and water, and floors dark like the earth.