Shree Yantra Puja Benefits

Shree Yantra has been described as the much loved Yantra of Goddess Laxmi, as stated and further confirmed by several sacred ancient texts including Laxmi Tantram. Shree Yantra is counted as amongst the most auspicious and powerful of Yantra. The term of 'Shree' defines wealth, and that of 'Yantra' means an instrument, thus collectively making it an instrument of wealth. However, one should not mistakenly confine it within materialistic wealth, as it goes beyond that to bestow one with spiritual wealth as well...

Shree Yantra benefits -
Tibetan monastries are famous in the world over for the gold in the monastries. Their secret is that they use a Shree Mandal. Many temples in India are established on a Shee Mandal, one of the famous temples is the Tirupati Temple( The richest temple in the world). Ancient seers have gone to the extent of saying that a house without an enlived Shi Yantra is like a morgue.
 Shree Yantra helps in clearing all the negative energies - standing in the way of Peace, Prosperity and Harmony and makes everything work for us in an orderly manner. The Shree Yantra is a symbolic form of all Gods and Goddesses. The Shree Yantra was possessed by Brahma, the creator of the Universe and praised by Vishnu the lord of the Earth. Shree Yantra is connected deeply with the Ancient Art of Vaastu and has been specifically mentioned in the `Vaastu Shastra`. All constructions based on Vaastu must essentially have Shree Yantra in it. The Vedas explain Shree Yantra as a scientific, cosmic and planetary energy zone. Shree Yantra is the source of supreme energy and energy is nothing but another form of element in the shape of waves and rays. Shree Yantra is highly sensitive and has magnificent magnetic powers. Shree Yantra is said to be a divine storehouse of energy, which pick up particular cosmic ray wave emitted by the planets and other universal objects and transform them into constructive vibrations. These are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Shree Yantra is placed, thus destroying all destructive forces within the vicinity. Shree Yantra is credited with supreme hidden powers, which can be noticed within a short span. SIZE OF THE YANTRA IS NOT IMPORTANT. THE IMPORTANT IS THE MATTER AND DESIGN OF THE YANTRA

Crystal Shree Yantra puja

There are many ways with which Shree Yantra can be worshipped. They primarily distinguish on the grounds of the impact they create for its host. The way with which it is worshipped highly influences the whole prospective of the nature and intensity of benefits which its host derives out of it.  For the coronation purpose, the Yantra should be in a three dimensional form, preferably in the shape of a pyramid, and should be of the element of gold, silver, or crystal. Among these, crystal form is considered as the best.

  • The placement or Sathapna of Shri Yantra is done on Friday
  • It is better to place the Shri Yantra in the North-East direction with the tip of the Yantra towards East direction.
  • Before placing Shri Yantra at its actual spot put it in a plate and wash it with water, milk and saffron followed by the final wash with water.
  • Now on the specific location where you want to do the placement of Shri Yantra, sprinkle water while chanting the "Aim Hreem Namah" mantra.
  • Now spread the yellow cloth or sheet of silver or gold on the spot and keep Shri Yantra there.
  •  Place the coral mala and put sandal paste and kum kum on Shree Yantra.
  •  After competing this offer some gur or jaggery, incense and yellow flower to Shri Yantra.
  • Reciting the recitations of ‘Shri Sukta’ or ‘Devyatharvshirsha’ is believed as auspicious
  • Coronation of it with Panchamrit ensures fulfillment of all dreams and desires. 
  • Offering fresh rose flowers while worshipping or chanting of its associated Mantra on a Kamalgatte Mala (rosary) is considered as highly auspicious and productive.
  •  Get the lotus seed rosary and chant the Shri Yantra mantra for 108 times

     Om,  Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, Praseed,   
     Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Nama

Shree Maha Lakshmi Mantra
  •  Once you have offered your prayers and done the worship, place red cloth over the yantra.
  •  Every Friday offer yellow flower, gur and incense to the Shri Yantra and for the rest of the days you can just get the glimpse of the yantra by removing the red cloth.