Bhrigu Samhita In Astrology

                                                                Bhrigu Samhita

Bhrigu Samhita is an astrological classic written on palm leaves by Maharishi Bhrigu in the Vedic Period. This book is a concise version of the original Bhrigu Samhita. It is specially written to cater to the needs and interests of both laymen and experts. It provides valuable hints on how to find out the character of a native, his moral inclination, and his fortunes and misfortunes in various walks of life. It also imparts useful information with regard to longevity and prosperity of the native, his parents, brothers and children. Self-explanatory content well-segregated into various chapters.

 It is believed that the copy in Hoshiarpur was the most complete, although other versions were known in Delhi, Meerut, and Benares. Indian astrologers reported using the Bhrigu-Samhita include Pandit Devakinandan Shastri of Swarsati Phatak, in the old city of Benares; and Pandit Biswanath Bannerjee of Sadananda Road (near the Ujjala movie house) in Calcutta.